Proposed False Advertising & Fraud Enforcement Legislation 2013

In January 2012 a bill was sponsored by Senator Kohl-Welles SB6476 that would have tied plumber licensing to the contractor registration here in Washington State. The bill never got out of committee hearings because there was massive opposition by other building trades that did not want any transparency of plumber license violations. The general contractor, builder and HVAC groups have paid lobbyists and political war chests while the licensed plumbers and homeowners that needed the bill to pass had little support.

The PHCC WA (Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors) was the only interested group that endorsed the bill. It wasn't enough.

Since then the PHCC WA notified every licensed plumber in Washington State about the need for better enforcement tools. Hundreds of licensed plumbers responded to the notice.

A new proposed bill is in the works that seeks to protect consumers and legitimate small businesses that provide licensed skilled services (as required by law). The new bill enhances enforcement of false advertising laws as they relate to regulated construction trades. It is estimated that 80% of all residential plumbing services are being performed by non-plumbers. If the unlicensed wish to advertise plumbing services without a real plumber they will have to do it in the light of day. In other words, it will be easier to catch them. Consumers will save alot of money, enforcement officials can write more citations and the legitimate plumber can be more easily found.

The enforcement of plumber licensing laws have been so ineffective for so long that virtually anybody can advertise and perform plumbing services in Washington without a plumber.

The question is: What good is a plumber license law when anybody can advertise the service to homeowners? Every rooter company is now advertising as a plumbing company. Has anybody noticed?

 See proposed bill here