Out of state plumber lead generators and marketers

= Consumer Confusion

The Internet has opened the floodgates for illicit advertising of plumbing services with no consideration of the licensing requirements for performing plumbing work in Washington State.These websites are simply middle men that think it is OK to represent themselves as suppliers of licensed services. They all state that they will supply you with a plumber but they are just ad salesmen wanting to take a percentage of any work done by a local service provider. These companies provide nothing of value to the consumer but do much harm to the licensed trade. It makes license enforcement impossible. The consumer gets victimized as well.

Lead Generating Marketers December 2016

 Home Services on Demand is soliciting consumers for plumbing work with neither a contractor registration nor a plumber licence. Who do they send? Anybody that pays them!

This model is dangerous to consumers and has corrupted the ability to insure that real plumbers perform the work.2016 12 02 09 28 35 Home Repair Service Providers On Demand SERVIZ

 AMAZON is selling plumbing services with no regard for who gets dispatched to perform the work. Consumers are at high risk of scams and incompetence.

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Amazon takes a 15%-20% Commiission and exerts pricing pressure on service providers to the extent that real licensed plumbers are seldom used to perform the work.

 SEATTLEPLUMBINGREPAIR.COM is a non-existant company. Apparently they sell the leads? The consumer has no way of knowing who is paying for the leads or who will show up if they order service.

2016-12-02 11 25 48-Seattle Plumbing  Repair   24 7 Plumber   206 201-0180

KING 5 LINKTOWN - Business Directory - Most listings are bogus and non-existant. King5? Shame on you!

2016 12 02 14 37 12 Seattle plumber Reviews

 HOMEADVISOR - 25 Best Plumbers? No Way! Every listing is a paid advertisement

HOMEADVISOR 2016 12 02 14 53 01

 24/7 - No such company registered in WA

24 7 PLUMBERS 2016 12 02 15 45 42

 THUMBTACK - Another plumber lead generator that sells advertising to anybody that is willing to pay them. Homeowners don't know...

THUMBTACK 2016 12 02 16 17 43 The 10 Best Plumbing Services in Seattle WA 2016